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Download the Official EATS Event App

The EATS app is more than a show catalog online. It is an interactive medium that above all allows you to maximize return for the show, including:

– Delegate messaging

– Scheduling features for meetings at the event

– Information on every conference session

– Hotel information and maps for how to get around

Take advantage of all of these features and more by downloading today!

The EATS 2019 event now available to download. To download the app follow the instructions below.

Download Instructions  
Access the App Store on iOS devices and the Play Store on Android. Search for Halldale Events. Once you’ve found the application, tap either Download or Install. Once downloaded, select EATS 2019.

Downloading the event
Tap on the event name (European Airline Training Symposium), to download, it will then open automatically.

You now have access to all the features available, but if you wish to enhance your experience and have access to the attendee list and messaging services, you can log in using the information sent to you by email. 

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European Airline Training Symposium

27-28 October 2020
Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport, Norway