Call for Papers

Call for Papers - EATS 2019

Submission Deadline – 30th June 2019

We are now accepting presentation abstracts for EATS 2019. A limited number of speaker slots are available at this 18th EATS event, which will be held in Berlin, Germany, on October 29th and 30th. 

Whilst we had a good safety year in 2017, unfortunately last year and the beginning of this year brought some tragic accidents that shook the industry.

As usual, the accidents were a combination and sequence of mishaps and failures, and training, or lack thereof, was part of the equation.

This is a reminder that everybody in this industry needs to stay focused, to never let the guard down.

With the arrival of new generations into the ranks, it is essential that this spirit of “Safety First” is maintained.

It is therefore appropriate that the overall theme of EATS 2019 is:

Identifying and Developing Professionalism in Aviation Training

As usual we will have two conference streams:

• Pilot Training
• Cabin Crew Training

For each of the conference tracks, presentation proposals should address an aspect of aviation training and education in one of the following broad categories:

• New hire issues and personnel supply and demand
• Diverse aviation workforces and developing positive training cultures
• Competency- and evidence-based training
• Instructional techniques and training ROI
• CRM, Threat and Error Management and Human Factors
• Simulation technology update and insights, including X-Realities (VR, AR, MR, Holo etc.)
• International and national licensing, compliance and regulatory issues
• Mobile, gamine and eLearning technologies in training
• Air carrier simulation and training “lessons learned” and incident de-briefs.

To propose a presentation for either of the EATS conference streams, please send a maximum 300-word abstract before 30 June 2019. Abstracts are required to be accompanied by a short biography of the speaker, which should include contact information, title, position and employer, and any conference presentation experience. Authors of accepted speaker proposals will be notified on or before 30 July 2019.

Please title your email “EATS 2019 ABSTRACT” and submit to Jacques Drappier, Conference Chair, at [email protected]. Copy should also be sent to Fiona Greenyer at [email protected]. For Cabin Crew, please also copy Anna Mellberg – [email protected] 

EATS is an “Applied” conference and while full academic papers are not appropriate, we will consider summaries of appropriate aviation training and education research projects, particularly if there is international application.

Preference will be given to air carriers and training organisations with real-world training insights, “Lessons Learned” and training “solutions and outcomes” information. Sales presentations will not be accepted. With the exception of planned breakouts or working groups, actual presentations must fit into the EATS format, which is 20 minutes maximum, followed by a Q&A period.

We sincerely thank all those who propose presentations and will endeavour to respond to all submissions.



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