Belén García Pozo

Digitalization in Training

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Belén García Pozo, Ground Training Manager, Iberia

Belén García Pozo is an Industrial Engineer and her field placement has always been in Iberia. She began as a Cabin Crew, in short haul and long haul fleets; later passing to Network as routes analyst; then to Clients Division, where she was part of the A350 cabin interiors definition team; and after that, she enrolled Crew Planning team as daily rostering and crew control Manager. she has been recently promoted as ground training Manager.

Digitalization in Training

A brief of Iberia training courses structure may be shared, focused in several advances that we are achieving with the impulse of iberia’s digitalization policy, our goal for 2020. We have eliminated the physical card that accredits training, since course data remains registered in company’s systems and available at any time if required by any Authority. 

Administrative work generated by the creation of cards is avoided, and Cabin Crews qualification list is electronically sent when conversion or recurrent courses are successfully passed. Besides, we may conduct as well through iPurser App, an in-house developed tool to keep the Cabin Crew informed about anything required for their performance, including of course Emergency and Safety training, that has captured the interest of IBM. The result will offer a tailor made product for airlines, that will be explained.