Daniel Huerlimann & Pascale Siegenthaler

Learning from Others!

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Daniel Huerlimann, Head of Human Factors Training Switzerland, Lufthansa Aviation Training Switzerland AG

Pascale Siegenthaler, Project Leader RGC Swiss, Lufthansa Aviation Training Switzerland AG

Learning from Others!

“Expect the unexpected, training is the key and preparation is everything” – how many times have you heard these phrases in your Recurrent Ground Course CRM. Probably many times. Even the instructor may have been the same. Not to take anything away from the instructor or the course designers, but how many were involved in one or more life-threatening, totally unexpected situations that never happened before or thought they could happen? Not many we dare claim. So, we tried to think out of the box and find people who did unthinkable things, that were confronted with never seen challenges, did things no one ever tried or dared to do before. They had to somehow have an obvious connection to aviation, be credible and, if possible, known by many people in the best case be famous.

“Houston we have a problem!” Does that ring a bell? Probably yes and that’s exactly who we asked for advice … We, meaning a small team from Lufthansa Aviation Training Switzerland, a pilot from Swiss who’s passion for space travel, astronauts and NASA originated since he was a child, and a small film crew travelled to Houston to meet people who made history 50 years ago. The pilot from Swiss by the name of Lukas Viglietti founded SwissApollo – www.swissapollo.com – in 2010 and has excellent connections to mission controllers and astronauts from the Apollo programs in the 1960s. We were able to ask questions concerning training, leadershp and teamwork, resilience and many more topics which are part of the CRM catalogue. After four intensive, inspiring and amazing days we flew back to Zurich. In our presentation we would like to give a short insight into the Swiss Recurrent Training 2019 which is based on the statements of these living legends and secondly, we would like to inspire our colleagues to date to go beyond borders and boundaries.