Trevor Dale

Does Digital Really Hold the Key to Future Training Needs?

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Trevor Dale, Director, Atrainability Ltd.

Trevor specialises in Human Factors and has experience of training back to 1990 when he was part of the team that introduced the subject into British Airways as a method of reducing ‘pilot error’. He retired as a Training Captain flying Boeing 747’s in 2005 and had focused on training trainers and crew in simulation, class and aircraft. Trevor began working in Human Factors in healthcare in 2002 with paediatric cardiac surgery and now continues to do so across the entire spectrum from surgery, ITU, anaesthesia to mental health. Developing clinical simulation for Human Factors training is a particular focus. 

Does Digital Really Hold The Key To Future Training Needs?

Technology is changing at an exponential rate and with it the need to provide training to allow for the adoption of that technology. There is a need to train more people, quicker and more effectively and all this against ever increasing budgetary pressures. Does digital hold the key to this increasing training demand or does the solution lie elsewhere? 

Advancements in the understanding of neuroscience and physiology are enabling breakthroughs in learning that could be transformative, enabling a paradigm shift in the effectiveness and efficiency of learning techniques. 

This presentation explores those techniques, the science behind them and how they can be applied within the learning blend and in conjunction with ongoing digital learning innovations.