Eva Roharikova

CCTO-CCE – Cabin Crew Attestation

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Eva Roharikova, Head of Training, Cabin Crew Europe
I initially joined Ryanair in 2007 as Cabin Crew with aspirations of progressing up the ranks within the company. Due to the company’s ongoing expansion, opportunities afforded to me and my recognised work ethic I swiftly climbed to a role of Chief Instructor Safety and Operational Standards. This allowed me to work within the Training Department, one of the largest in the industry, under my own initiative and to tight deadlines. I continued to develop within this role, and the Head of Training gave me the scope and independence to develop my ideas. In May 2017 I left Ryanair, and I have joined Cabin Crew Europe Ltd. (CCTO-CCE) as a Head of Training (HoT).The sole aim was to set up Ireland’s first independent cabin crew training organisation. In January 2018, we have been approved and we have started a great journey of Ireland’s first and only cabin crew training organisation. As HoT I am fully accountable for all CCTO-CCE training material. I have extensive experience in CAT operations as an instructor and examiner of cabin crew. Currently, as CCTO-CCE is a non-complex organisation, I also act as a Compliance Manager. Both positions equip me with an extensive opportunity and in-depth experience from all fields of aviation training.

CCTO-CCE – Cabin Crew Attestation

Cabin Crew Attestation has become accepted by the industry. However, the transformation of the training is still struggling. Misperception and misleading belief by AOCs still presents the biggest obstacle for independent organisations following the lacking migration of cabin crew from one operator to another. In comparison to the Asian, Russian and African market, the European migration of cabin crew is constantly suffering due to the lengthy training provided by operators. If the operators would focus only on specific training, cut down the generic part, and create a firm assessment integration process, the European aviation industry would not struggle as it is struggling nowadays.

We shall provide a brief overview of the assessment, created by CCTO-CCE, for all CCA holders trained by CCTOs before being accepted for operator-specific training by any AOC holder. The assessment shall be forwarded to EASA for review after the presentation.