Gitte Furdal Damm

Is Resilience a Valuable Skill?

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Gitte Furdal Damm, CRM & Human Factors Trainer, About Human Factors
Gitte Furdal Damm is a former Flight Captain on the ATR and has been working at Danish Airlines such as Cimber Air and Jettime. Since 2015 she has been a CRM Trainer and is the owner of About Human Factors, which provides CRM Courses and Human Factors training in aviation. She is writing articles for AeroTime and is the author of among others “Is Resilience the most valuable skill in aviation?” and “Does personality differences in the cockpit impair performance?”.

Is Resilience a Valuable Skill?
Resilience development became a mandatory topic in CRM training after the German Wings crash in 2015. This presentation will look into: What is Resilience and are we able to train it? What happens when we are faced with adversity? Is there a connection to stress? How does this show in the daily operation, and what can we do to manage these challenges.