Ivan Noël

Inflight Innovations Inc. / Inflight Institute

Ivan Noël is the president of Inflight Innovations Inc. and the director of the Inflight Institute.com. With a focus on efficiency, his company produces some of the worlds most innovative programs through the invention and implementation of advanced training technologies.

Starting his career in aviation on the front lines, as a cabin crew member has provided him a unique perspective of the industry and the opportunity to effect change through the development of advanced learning methods, interactive training techniques and the refinement of emergency procedures. He is known as the architect of modern day Pre-qualification training for cabin crew with dozens of member airlines around the world and hundreds of thousands of users over the past decade. 

Ivan makes his home in Toronto and Calgary, Canada.

Tracking Training Through Technology

The amount of data in the world is staggering and can be overwhelming. in aviation training it is imperative to gather, track and use data to improve flight safety. By analyzing data from online training as well as live line assessments, airlines can improve efficiencies, save time and produce highly effective results. 

Please join us to discover how data can be used to improve training, mitigate errors and decrease the gap in knowledge for your crew members.