Robert Russell

Diverse Aviation Workforces & Developing Positive Training Cultures

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Robert Russell, Training Manager, BLUCREW / SKIES Airline Training
Robert is a highly accomplished Training Manager with a wealth of experience in Management and Training within commercial aviation.

With 20 years in the industry, as active crew, a training instructor and a CRMIE, he has a proven track record in leading and developing large teams throughout his career and is currently the Training Manager for BLUCREW / SKIES Airline Training in Sweden.

Born in Scotland and raised in Australia, he has worked most of his career across the globe, whereby he has established a comprehensive and real life understanding of diversity and how best to overcome and nourish the challenges faced.

Diverse Aviation Workforces and Developing Positive Training Cultures
As diversity increases within the workforce, so too can the challenges we face in the training environment. Whether it is a diverse multicultural workforce, a mix of experiences, or simply a generation gap, this can place added pressure on the training team.

The objective of this presentation is to understand the difference challenges encountered and learn how to embrace these challenges and create positive and rewarding training sessions.