Call for Papers

Submission deadline for presentations: 26th June 2020

Where shall we begin? How can we even start to describe the present situation?

Six months ago, we were still talking about the pilot shortage and asking ourselves how we were going to get all these new pilots we needed in the coming years. We were discussing the new training standards, upset recovery, EBT …

We are shocked, looking at the state of the industry. We are no longer thinking expansion but wondering how the airlines are going to survive. We all realize it will take two or three years to recover and get back to an airline industry around the size it was at the end 2019. Our immediate concerns now lie in finding ways to get the passengers back and operate in a medically safe environment.

But let us not forget that, whenever your airline starts flying again, it must be with the same safety standards as before. We, therefore, must keep our attention on safety and thus to the training we will provide to the crews.

This crisis brings enormous financial hardship, and more than ever the training department will be under pressure to be as efficient as possible, with scarce money.

This situation is an opportunity to re-think some, if not all, of our training habits. Now is the moment to look at:

• New technologies;
Learn from the recent experience of distance learning;
• How we can retain the skills of temporarily furloughed pilots, how we can efficiently retrain these young pilots who will be out of the cockpit for months or even years?
• What does it mean for the training of cabin crew?
• and so many more open questions.

We want to use EATS 2020 to discuss these crucial points under the theme:

Rebuilding the Training Industry

As usual, we will have two conference streams:

• Air Carrier Pilot Training
• Cabin Crew Training

To propose a presentation for either of the EATS conference streams, please send a maximum 300-word abstract before 26 June 2020. Abstracts are required to be accompanied by a short biography of the speaker, which should include contact information, title, position and employer, academic background, and any conference presentation experience. Authors of accepted speaker proposals will be notified on or before 30 July 2020.

Please title your email “EATS 2020 ABSTRACT” and submit to Jacques Drappier, Conference Chair, at [email protected]. Copy should also be sent to Fiona Greenyer at [email protected]. For Cabin Crew, please also copy [email protected] 

EATS is an “Applied” conference and while full academic papers are not appropriate, we will consider summaries of appropriate aviation training and education research projects, particularly if there is international application.

Preference will be given to air carriers and training organizations with real-world training insights, “Lessons Learned” and training “solutions and outcomes” information. In no case will sales presentations be accepted. Presentations must fit into the EATS format, which is 20 minutes maximum, followed by a Q&A period.

We sincerely thank all those who propose presentations and will endeavour to respond to all submissions.