Ascanio Russo

Ascanio Russo, Flight Crew Licencing Expert, EASA

Ascanio Russo is an Italian national. He is an active professional pilot since 1991, when he started to operate business jets. In 1993 he joined his first commercial air operator and 5 years later was upgraded to command. He has flown mostly Boeing aircraft, B737, B767 and B747. Since 1995 he was also involved in his operators training department and remains an active instructor and examiner on the B747. From 2007 and 2015 he held several managerial positions, including safety manager, head of training, crew training and flight operations post holder. Ascanio joined EASA in December 2015 as flight crew licence standardisation team leader and deputy project manager of the Examiner standardisation. From December 2017 Ascanio is also involved within rulemaking activity within both the FCL and the Air Operations domain, such as Evidence Based Training (EBT). He is currently the FCL/OPS technical lead for the implementation of UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) and the examiner standardisation task force.