David Gingras

Using Non-OEM Models for UPRT

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David Gingras, Vice President, Bihrle Applied Research Inc.

David Gingras, FRAeS, Vice President of Bihrle Applied Research, has been in the aerodynamics modeling, simulation, and analysis industry for over 25 years. He was an active participant in the International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes (ICATEE) for the entire duration of its existence. He is a Fellow of the RAeS and senior member of the AIAA serving on the Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee. 

Using Non-OEM Models for UPRT

This presentation provides a background into the use of non-OEM models to meet UPRT requirements including recovery from full stall covering requirements, stall data, and SME evaluation. Also provided in the presentation is a real-world example of the process of the integration of a model, its evaluation, and qualification in the USA.