Eric Fuilla-Weishaupt

Eric Fuilla-Weishaupt, Aircraft Simulation Solutions Group, Airbus

Eric works in the Airbus Aircraft Simulation Solutions group (GO5), as an expert in Simulator Qualification and Regulation.

He is involved in the Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) regulatory aspects related to the Airbus SimPack (made of Data Package, Simulation Software Package and Hardware).

He coordinated the modifications and enhancements of the SimPack related to stall modelling and UPRT, that allowed to support the qualification of FSTDs with regard to the FSTD regulations issued by FAA (14 CFR Part 60 Effective 2016) and EASA (CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2).

He is the Vice-Chairman of the EASA Rule Making Task 0196 (RMT .0196). He was involved in the changes to CS-FSTD for UPRT, Stall and Icing requirements, as well as changes to CS-SIMD, and more recently changes to CS-FSTD in order to incorporate the FCS concept and the ICAO Doc 9625 methodology.

He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Flight Simulation Engineering and Maintenance Conference (FSEMC).

He represents Airbus in the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) Flight Simulation Group (FSG).