Captain Hartmut Fabisch

Captain Hartmut Fabisch, Senior Consultant, IATA 

German Forces
Basic University Study Economics and Organization Science
ATC Assistant, Pilot UH1-D, Specialist Squadron Education

Deutsche Lufthansa
Lufthansa Pilot School, Flight Instructor 
Deputy Head of Training
Project Leader Lufthansa Executive Charter Service
FO B737, SFO B747-400
Cpt. A320, Cpt. A340

Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH
Head of Advanced Cockpit Training

Pilot Training Network GmbH
Managing Director and Head of Training

HATCO (Harms Aviation Training Consulting)

International Projects:
Advisor of the Federal Republic of Germany in the ICAO MPL Panel
IATA Senior Consultant, (CBTA, MPL, EBT, UPRT)
EASA Rule Making Group Member for UPRT

UPRT related contributions:
2007: APS Emergency Maneuver Training, Extra 300L, Phoenix, USA

2012: ICAO Loss of Control Avoidance and Recovery Training initiative (LOCART), leading to ICAO DOC 10001

2015 – today: IATA, Pilot Training Task Force, member
Contributions to Guidance Material and Best Practices for the Implementation of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (IATA UPRT MANUAL) 1st and 2nd editions

2015 – today: EASA, Rule Making Group, .0581 Loss of Control Prevention and Recovery Training
Contributions to the amendments of PART ORO and PART FCL

2015 – today: Lufthansa Aviation Training, dedicated core-instructor for UPRT
HATCO, International consulting projects on CBTA