Stein H. Mjaatveit

Shaping the Future of Aviation by Doing Less

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Stein H. Mjaatveit, Director of Marketing, OSM Aviation Academy

Stein Mjaatveit has been flying since 2007 and has over 10 years of instructional and educational experience. He holds EASA and FAA certifications and has taught hundreds of commercial pilots from a variety of cultures and from all corners of the world. Today he works as the Director of Marketing for OSM Aviation Academy, bridging the gap between their global network of aviation academies and a successful pilot career for their graduates. 

Shaping the Future of Aviation by Doing Less

(Instructional technique & training ROI)

In the coming years there will be a substantially higher number of low-hour pilots moving directly from flight schools into major airlines. The traditional path of working as a Flight Instructor or for regionals as a stepping stone in pilot careers will be a restrictive bottleneck, dictating the need for our industry to ensure that a smooth transition can b made into any First Officer role. 

Training ROI can be viewed from many perspectives, at OSM Aviation Academy we view it through the lens of our students. To achieve maximum return on investment for the students and help them achieve their optimal learning – and personal growth potential, we need to constantly strive for establishing best practices and building frameworks that facilitates student engagement and growth, beyond what is stated in our regulations and training manuals.

We must ensure that our students not only possess the knowledge and skills required, but also the right attitude to succeed in the modern airline environment. We are convinced that they key to achieving this lies in extracurricular activities, a professional framework facilitating student engagement and a strong commitment towards leadership development and communication techniques. 

We are not only educating the next generation of pilots; we are cultivating the next generation of your colleagues. In addition to training for skills and educating for knowledge, we need to focus on people and apply a holistic approach towards fostering a professional culture, where our students can grow into fantastic colleagues and contributing team members in the future of aviation.

Being a pilot is more than a profession, it’s a lifestyle. To maintain the impeccable safety record and elevate the high level of professionalism in our industry today, we need to take the personal growth of our students seriously and view them as future colleagues when they enroll at our aviation academies.