Kassandra Stultiens-Zandstra

Happy Crews, Happy Airlines: Understanding the wider impact of communication within airline crew training

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Kassandra Stultiens-Zandstra, Aviation Advisory Board, RB Group

Kassandra is a Dutch Boeing 737 SFI, living in Southern Spain.

She used to fly the B737 for Dutch airline Transavia, but unfortunately lost her medical license after operating as a First Officer for eight years.

Her aviation career started as the age of 18, and she held positions as an assistant floor manager at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, check-in/gate agent, and load controller B737 at KLM. In 2005 she was a flight attendant at Transavia, and a year later, she occupied the right hand seat of the aircraft at the same company.

During her time as a First Officer, she also worked as a Flight Safety instructor for six years and as a Crew Support Officer for a season.

After overcoming the huge setback of losing her medical license, she became a Technical Knowledge Instructor for the ATPL subjects at a Spanish ATO and currently she is working as a B737 SFI on a freelance basis for different ATO’s, but mainly for SKY4u in Berlin.

Training Issues from the Field: Report of a Worldwide Study

Understanding the broader impact of communication within airline crew training. RB Group conducted a global survey amongst 3,922 crew members earlier this year, and at EATS we present the insights and learnings from our crew communication in training survey.