Richard Versluis & Kassandra Stultiens-Zandstra

Training Issues from the Field: Report of a Worldwide Study

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Richard Versluis, CEO, RB Group

Guiding and leading the aviation industry to improve airline-to-crew engagement and communication.

With a passion for connecting communities, Richard Versluis has proudly worked for the last 20 years as an innovator, entrepreneur, and on occasion teacher of these subjects to the aviation, healthcare and retail industries.

Professionally dedicated to assisting businesses to engage workers through new initiatives with a main focus on efficiency, communication, and engagement.

Richard began his career with an international insurance company and transitioned into the entrepreneurial realm in 1999.

Today, he is the current business owner and CEO of RB Connecting over 400,000 airline professionals to their day-to-day airline operations and life beyond the airport, while working with over 510 airlines worldwide.

Kassandra Stultiens-Zandstra, Aviation Advisory Board, RB Group

Kassandra is a Dutch Boeing 737 SFI, living in Southern Spain.

She used to fly the B737 for Dutch airline Transavia, but unfortunately lost her medical license after operating as a First Officer for eight years.

Her aviation career started as the age of 18, and she held positions as an assistant floor manager at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, check-in/gate agent, and load controller B737 at KLM. In 2005 she was a flight attendant at Transavia, and a year later, she occupied the right hand seat of the aircraft at the same company.

During her time as a First Officer, she also worked as a Flight Safety instructor for six years and as a Crew Support Officer for a season.

After overcoming the huge setback of losing her medical license, she became a Technical Knowledge Instructor for the ATPL subjects at a Spanish ATO and currently she is working as a B737 SFI on a freelance basis for different ATO’s, but mainly for SKY4u in Berlin.

Training Issues from the Field: Report of a Worldwide Study

Understanding the broader impact of communication within airline crew training. RB Group conducted a global survey amongst 3,922 crew members earlier this year, and at EATS we present the insights and learnings from our crew communication in training survey.