Captain Ignacio G. Alemany

Which Training System Fits You the Best?

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Captain Ignacio Alemany, EBT Project Manager, Iberia
Captain Ignacio Gallego has been flying for the last 27 years in the Iberia group; the past 22 years he has worked as a ground instructor/training captain and has more than 4,000 hours as a sim instructor. Nowadays, he is the Iberia EBT Project Manager and senior Airbus A320 EBT TRE. He was resonsible for the EBT implementation process at Iberia including personally training over 130 instructors. Iberia received top marks for their IOSA audit for their mixed-EBT system in spring 2018. 

EBT/CBT Implementation
This talk will focus on Iberia’s journey from traditional training/checking to becoming the first major European airline to be approved for mixed-implementation EBT (Evidence & Competency Based Training). It will explore the changes made across their three fleets in all aspects of training and evaluation; from the standardisation of the instructors, to the pilot buy-in, simulator syllabus, regulatory overview and data gathering/visualisations.

We’ll also look at how the data feedback loop in EBT is helping Iberia to both adapt training to pilots on a personal level, and adapt our training programme at an airline level (including bringing the A350 fleet into recurrent EBT).

Implementing EBT hasn’t been without it’s challenges, and across the industry we have a responsibility as regulators, training managers, instructors, simulator manufacturers and pilots to ensure that EBT is a success to realise the benefits whilst minimising the risks. The conclusion will include some of the challenges foreseen and how we can best overcome them.