Dr. Jeffery A. Schroeder

Early Lessons Learned from Implementing UPRT in the US

Dr. Jeffery A. Schroeder, Chief Scientist for Flight Simulation, US Federal Aviation Administration

Jeff Schroeder is the US Federal Aviation Administration’s Chief Scientist for Flight Simulation. He was one of the principals who developed the FAA’s upset training rules and guidance. Previously, he worked for NASA for over 20 years with his last position being chief of the Aviation Systems Division. He is an aeronautical engineer with a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Early Lessons Learned from Implementing UPRT in the United States

To prepare both airlines and inspectors in the United States for conducting mandatory upset training starting in 2019, the Federal Aviation Administration has been delivering a one-day academic and simulation course. Over a thousand pilots have taken the course, and naturally, lessons have been learned from that experience. Those lessons include convincing experienced aviators that there are still useful concepts to learn, the value of flying maneuvers whose likelihood of occurring is improbably, the challenge of unlearning ingrained responses, too much push in stall recoveries, unwarranted over reliance on thrust at altitude, unconscious use of pedals, difficulties in implementing bounced landing scenarios, and some surprising aircraft system effects during some upsets. The presentation will discuss these lessons learned, as well as ways to hopefully prevent others from relearning the same lessons.