Captain Mike Varney

Changing the Game

Mike Varney, CEO, EBT Solutions
Often referred to as the “father” of EBT having provided the idea and led its creation since 2007, Mike and his team are currently engaged in support worldwide for the implementation of EBT, with operators and regulatory authorities. Mike is also leading the EASA European EBT rule-making program, which aims over three years to transform rules for flight crew training to support Evidence-based programs in all professional flight crew training.

Mike’s career began in the RAF flying fast jets, followed by time as an airline pilot in the UK. He spent eight years with the UK Civil Aviation Authority in operations and training oversight before joining Airbus in Toulouse. In his Airbus role of Senior Director Training Policy and Development, Mike started the EBT project in 2007. Between 2009-2011 Mike worked for Mechtronix, now part of TRU Simulation + Training, who sponsored his role as leader of the EBT project, along with IATA. As well as being an Airbus qualified instructor and examiner and President of the Foundation, he is a Director of the LOSA Collaborative, and works with many airlines and regulatory authorities to support the implementation of EBT worldwide.