Captain Olivier Wilmart

Implementation of New LIFUS Modular Method at Air France

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Captain Olivier Wilmart, Pilot Learning and Development Manager, Air France
+/- 20,000 total flying hours since 1982 – Graduated from Belgian Civil Aviation School (EAC).

Former employers: Publi Air – Trans European Airways – Sabena (Belgium)

Joined Air France in 1991

Management Experience within Air France:
• January 2018-Present: Pilot Learning & Development Manager

– Directly attached to the NPH Training, in charge of benchmarking the best training methods and practices of the industry to implement them in Air France.

• 2016-2018: Pilot Training Manager
– In charge of the implementation of new method of standardization of the TRI/TRE across the different fleets.

Standards & Policies:
• 2013-2016: Head of Flight Standards & Policies

– Head of FSB (Flight Standards Board) and in charge of OM A and coordination with OM B/C/D as well as company’s SOP (Standard Operation Policies), including related relationship with the French CAA.
– In charge of Aircraft Performances, Ground Engineering (Dangerous goods, Weight & Balance, Cold Weather Operations, AHM, etc.), Cabin Engineering & Flight Documentation Editing Teams.

Training & Safety:
• 2009-2013: Member of “Trajectoire” Safety Program launched after the 2009 Rio-Paris crash
– Implementation of the OEM Manuals FCOM/FCTM i.o. of former homemade AF manuals with change of working methods (new task sharing – switching from French to English, etc.)T

• 2003-2009: A320
• 2016-Present: B777

Implementation of New LIFUS Modular Method in Air France
To cope with the fleet growth and the recurrent shortage of instructors, especially on Long Haul, we have decided to reshape our way of doing LIFUS. In spite of many evolutions in our methods of training in recent years: notation by the competencies, implementation of the ATQP, LOE, e-files, etc., we hadn’t changed our LIFUS method for more than 20 years.

This new philosophy, launched 1st July 2018, is based on the following principles:

• Content organized by modules to be seen or not depending upon the origin of the trainee.
• Decrease of the global volume of LIFUS, tailored to the needs of the individuals.
• Nor more “virtual failures” in flight. They will be trained in a new dedicated FFS session during the LIFUS period.
• More training and less check thanks to a greater responsibility given to every individual instructor.
• 1st Captain upgrading global process shortened from 6 months to 3 months.

This new method will allow a 10 percent decrease in the total number of instructors (50 out of 500) together with an improvement of the quality of our training content.