Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS)

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Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS)

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MPS specializes in type-specific Boeing 737-NG and Airbus A320 fixed base simulators for airlines and flight training centers. Our cost efficient, high-fidelity FTDs are manufactured under full license with Boeing or Airbus in our production facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. Our simulators are EASA certified prior to delivery at FNPT-II/MCC, FTD-1 or FTD-2 level. The MCC level device can be field upgraded to FTD-1 or FTD-2, protecting your investment. With the lowest procurement and operating costs in its class, our FTD’s are perfect for MCC, MPL courses, Jet Orientation, pilot grading and type rating training applications. MPS can also supply the MAX and NEO and the Airbus A330.

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